Care and Maintenance Sheet for Sealcoat

158573670After Premium XLR8 Sealcoat has been applied to either your parking lot or driveway, you’ll be able to walk on it usually in about four hours – please make sure its dry if it’s dry, you be able to tell the wet spots from the dry spots. Do not step in the wet spots you will track it in on your carpet or sidewalk.

Please allow 24 hours before turning your sprinkler system back on or before driving on your parking lot or driveway.
The longer you can stay off the driveway or avoid traffic on the parking lot will allow the sealcoat to cure, and also help prevent tire scuffing.

You will get some tire scuffing after sealcoating, but it’s generally minor. While it may look very severe on a brand-new seal coat, it doesn’t hurt the seal coat. The new seal coat must go through hot and cold weather before the tire scuffing will disappear.

Remember all new sealcoat surfaces in most cases should scuff otherwise the material is too hard. If you still have a problems with scuffing after at least a three week period give us a call.

Depending on the weather and traffic conditions, it is recommended that asphalt be sealed every three to five years to keep it in the best condition.

If you want to keep your driveway or parking lot looking great year after year and to avoid high repair cost, ask us about our maintenance program.