Questions about Asphalt and Sealcoating



What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is cement like material that once mixed -Asphalt consists of 90% to 95% mineral aggregates and sand compacted into place and held together by 5 to 10% petroleum based asphalt cement. A fine cost effective product, but not maintenance free.

Why does asphalt need to be sealed?

b4fterSealers protect asphalt from petroleum spills of fuel, oil and solvents, which attack the pavement and penetrate deep beneath the surface, softening the asphalt and reducing adhesion. They will also protect against the sun and rain, which cause oxidation that can lead to raveling, cracks and even potholes.

Why aren’t roads and highways sealed?

Unlike parking lots and driveways, highways are constantly re-compacted by continuous traffic. Further, highways are not subject to the continuous attack of petroleum derivatives in specific spots or patterns.

What is asphalt sealer made of?

Resurfacer XLR8 is made of a combination of specially refined asphalt emlsions, minerals, fillers, advanced polymer modifiers and pigments.Resurfacers XLR8 is a proven performer in a wide range of both commercial and residential applications and provides superior protection that far outlasts any other formula on the market today.

How long will the sealer last?

Depending on the weather and traffic conditions, it is recommended that asphalt be sealed every three years. Without sealing, your pavement life may be only seven to twelve years.

Are all sealers alike?

scoatb4aftrNo, Resurfacer XLR8 is the product of Carbonyte Process, a technology made from a decade of  polymer science research and team development within the Lockheed Martin Missile and Space Company. This process utilizes nanocermics and ionized minerals which are selectively introduced to create a totally new concept in asphalt maintenance product design.

The Carbonyte Process converts asphalt into a superior-performing thermoplastic. Modifying the molecular bonds within the asphalt emulsion and mixture substantially improves the asphalt ductility raises its softening point, increases adhesion to mineral surfaces, and renders the finished product insoluble. With XLR8, it takes less material to produce better results. One coat of XLR8 gives you more material than two coats of the typical asphalt sealer, and for less money!

XLR8 benefits include:

  • One–Coat application.
  • Significantly reduced curing time; two hours under optimal conditions; four hours overnight.
  • Highly wear resistant non-skid surface.
  • Improved ductility.
  • Excellent hot and cold weather performance.
  • Longer lasting – extends the life of the pavement, protecting it from salts, chemicals, petroleum products, and other natural elements that break down asphalt.


Resurfacer XLR8 can accept foot traffic in as little as ½ hour after application under optimal conditions. At 60 degrees F, and 75% humidity. With a cure time of approximately three hours. Ideal for all commercial, residential, public parking areas. Special applications include banks, fast food restaurants, apartments, office complexes, schools, shopping malls and commercial complexes.

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